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The   JohnsonDanforth   team   works   hands- on      with      a      full-staff      of      construction professionals     with     specific     expertise     in healthcare.        JDa    does    not    leave    your schedule,   costs   or   quality   to   chance.      And most   of   all,   we   work   in   a   way   that   ensures uninterrupted    patient    care    and    on-going patient, staff and visitor safety.  


To    meet    the    needs    of    the    ever    greater emphasis   on   cost   controls   and   reductions, JohnsonDanforth   is   proficient   at   reviewing the   entire   facility   infrastructure   and   building systems     to     identify     and     develop     cost effective    and    multi-dimensional    measures to reduce your facility operating costs.


Our    design    and    construction    team    can provide    you    with    the    tools    you    need    in today’s   economic   reality.      From   renovations to   new   construction   our   professional   team can   provide   you   with   the   most   economic design   for   today’s   and   tomorrow’s   hospital budget.
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