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Kevin Johnson, MBA, CHFM, CESCO

President Kevin   has   over   25   years   experience   in   Healthcare   Engineering   and   Construction.      Kevin   has   lead major    facilities    departments    including    managing    renovation    and    construction    projects,    capital planning   and   solutions,   and   all   operational   functions   for   some   of   the   largest   multi-hospital   systems in the world. Kevin   has   a   Bachelor   of   Science   degree   in   Engineering   from   the   Univertsity   of   Maryland   and   an   MBA from   the   University   of   Missouri.      He   is   a   retired   U.S.   Navy   Captain   (O-6).      He   is   an   active   member   in the   American   Society   of   Healthcare   Engineering,   the   American   Society   of   Mechanical   Engineers,   and the National Fire and Protection Association. Kevin’s   exceptional   leadership   experience   and   vast   knowledge   will   provide   your   organization   with   a level   of   professionalism   and   support   that   is   required   in   managing   all   healthcare   related   construction and renovation projects with an emphasis on cost containment and quality control.

Fred Danforth, RN, MBA

Chief Executive Officer Fred   brings   over   30   years   experience   in   healthcare.      As   a   Registered   Nurse,   Fred   has   worked   in   most of    the    clinical    areas    of    the    hospital    but    for    the    last    25    years    he    has    taken    on    progressively responsible   leadership   positions   in   healthcare,   including   Chief   Nursing   Executive.      In   addition,   Fred spent    five    years    working    with    a    top    national    healthcare    consulting    firm.    Fred    has    extensive experience in healthcare construction and clinical design. Fred   has      a   Bachelor   of   Arts   degree   from   Ottawa   University   in   Ottawa,   KS   and   an   MBA   in   Healthcare Administration   from   City   University   in   Washington.      He   is   a   member   of   the   Association   of   Healthcare Executives,   the   Association   of   Nursing   Executives,   and   the   Association   of   Perioperative   Registered Nurses. Fred’s   experience   provides   the   foundation   for   the   development   and   management   of   well   planned organizations and the expertise in healthcare construction to provide optimal clinical designs.

Jim Matchett, AIA, NCARB

Director, Design/Project Architect Jim    has    over    13    years    of    experience    as    an    Architectural    Designer    and    Project    Manager    to compliment   his   experience   as   a   Project   Architect.      He   is   very   familiar   with   the   complicated   and complex    nature    of    healthcare    design    projects,    and    has    a    working    knowledge    of    the    various guidelines, codes, and standards that they must comply with at all levels. As   a   veteran,   native   Arkansan,   and   University   of   Arkansas   alum   (BA   Architecture,   Tau   Sigma   Delta)   -- Jim   is   exceptionally   proud   to   have   had   the   opportunity   to   execute   VA   Healthcare   projects   in   the   state of   Arkansas,   but   he   is   also   proud   of   his   experience   with   VA’s   in   Georgia,   Louisiana,   and   Virginia.      Jim’s biggest   assets   are   his   detail-oriented   communication   skills;   his   ability   to   add   a   fresh   perspective   to design   issues;   and   his   relentless   commitment   to   service   and   satisfaction.      He   always   focuses   on quality, economy, and service.

John Chavis, PE

Director, Federal Programs J ohn   brings   over   40   years   of   service   to   the   DOD.      As   the   Deputy   Commander   for   the   Air   Mobility Command   at   the   Little   Rock   Air   Force   Base,   John   employed   a   $350   million   annual   budget   and   over 1800   civilian   and   military   personnel.      He   was   directly   responsible   through   five   subordinate   squadron commanders    for    providing    base    support    for    the    continuous    training    mission    and    contingency engineering   support   to   the   global   airlift   mission,   the   operation,   maintenance   and   construction   of base    facilities    and    infrastructure,    management    of    family    and    unaccompanied    housing    and    real property    assets,    protecting    the    physical    environment,    and    providing    all    base    services,    base contracting, engineering support and security services support. John   has   a   Bachelor   of   Science   degree   in   Electrical   Engineering   from   the   University   of   Arkansas, Fayetteville   and   a   Masters   of   Facility   Engineering   from   the   Air   Force   Institute   of   Technology.      He   is   a Registered   Professional   Engineer   in   the   State   of   Arkansas   and   retired   veteran   from   the   US   Army.     John   brings   outstanding   experience   and   knowledge   of   the   federal   construction   and   design   system and provides superior support to Federal programs and contracts.

Kevin O’Neil

Executive Director Kevin    has    28    years    of    healthcare    facilities    management    experience,    including    progressively responsible   leadership   positions   that   included   oversite   of   large   multi-hospital   systems.      Kevin   has worked   extensively   at   the   strategic   level   and   has   the   ability   to   provide   direction   and   cohesion   to large    and    disparate    groups,    which    is    key    to    a    successful    project.    Kevin    has    a    strong    systems knowledge and is also experienced in district steam, cooling, and cogenerations systems. Kevin   has   managed   hundreds   of   projects   over   a   wide   range   of   scopes   in   the   healthcare   setting   and provides   a   solid   project   management   background.      Kevin’s   familiarity   with   Joint   Commission   &   CMS healthcare   requirements   combined   with   years   of   operational   experience   make   him   a   strong   asset   to JohnsonDanforth. Kevin   is   an   active   member   of   the   American   Society   of   Healthcare   Engineers   and   is   an   American Hospital Association Certified Healthcare Facilities Manager (CHFM).

Neil Gaiser

Sr. Project Executive Neil   is   a   construction   and   facilities   professional   with   over   30   years   of   experience   in   hospital   facilities, construction,   and   construction   management   and   leadership.      Neil   has   held   various   senior   level positions   in   planning,   design,   and   construction   departments   of   large   hospital   systems.      He   has extensive   project   management   experience   on   hundreds   of   construction   projects   ranging   from   minor renovations to major expansions. Neil’s   ability   to   manage   and   work   with   multiple   sub-contractors   in   the   various   disciplines   is   a   major asset   to   our   organization.      He   has   also   served   as   the   President   of   the   Arkansas   Association   of Healthcare Engineering and currently serves on the Arkansas ASHE board.

Dan Rissing, Jr.

Director, Business Development Dan   brings   over   15   years   of   healthcare   experience.      His   career   has   concentrated   on   medical   imaging, IT,   and   capital   equipment   systems   for   use   by   healthcare   delivery   systems.      His   broad   background spans   the   full   spectrum   of   healthcare,   from   large   metropolitan   based   delivery   platforms   to   rural community   hospitals.      In   addition,   he   has   worked   with   governmental   agencies   such   as   the   Veterans Administration   and   large   academic   medical   centers.      Dan   has   worked   extensively   with   these   types   of facilities   developing   and   implementing   new   technologies   to   increase   patient   throughput   and   quality of care at locations across the country. Dan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Toledo.