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Design Services

Healthcare Focused Design Team

Our design and construction team can provide you with the tools you need in today’s economic reality.  From renovations to new construction, our professional team can provide you with the most economic design for the hospital budget of tomorrow. Our experienced healthcare professionals can provide the foundation for the development and management of planned organizations with superior clinical designs.  The value of our healthcare designs are further augmented by the presence of a clinical professional (RN) as a core member of our team.
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A/E Services

Architectural Designs Engineering Designs New Construction Management Mechanical and Electrical Infrastructure Renovations Project Management Quality Control Risk Aversion

Key Elements of Design and Construction Services

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Provide Project Leadership Comprehensive project review and analysis Manage projects costs to the revised, financially feasible budget Detailed listing of potential costs saving opportunities Instill a culture of accountability to project budget and scheduling DESIGN PHASE CONSULTING Assist project team in a collaborative effort to drive th overall project budget to a lower level Challenge existing project development and design assumptions Identify opportunities to modify project assumptions, design and delivery approach to capture additional savings
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